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Support to the Jeevey Muqami Jamhuriat Tehreek (JMJT) (Support to Local Democracy Campaign)

The mass civil society movement to gear support to save the system of Local Government in Pakistan has been ongoing for over one year. In this connection a core group of CSOs with their network has got together to collectively brainstorm and collaborate to strengthen Local Democracy in Pakistan. The initial group compromises of TR, FAFEN, Liberal Forum Pakistan, Aurat Foundation, Pattan, and DTCE.

A nation wide movement has been launched by LG Nazims, councilors and Local Government Association under the banner “Jeevey Pakistan- Jeevey Qaumi Hakoomat” under which rallies and conventions have been held and a resolution has been adopted. Active support has been generated from political parties, press clubs and Bar associations to support this cause.

In order to widen the partnership to pro-governance & pro-democracy civil society organizations, a mega event was held on 22nd October 2009 where political parties, civil society organizations and elected local government representatives, representatives of Press Club & Bar Association got together to raise awareness and show collective support for revival, protection and strengthening of local democracy in Pakistan. This led to establishment of Jeevey Muqami Jamhuriat Tehreek (JMJT) (Support to Local Democracy Campaign) and its National Executive Council. Extensive dialogue will be undertaken to extend this partnership with other organizations and networks.

The Researchers (TR) has also pledged the support of our organization to this campaign as this a core area of our field work and research. TR will also be part of its National Executive Council. The campaign will generate awareness raising campaign for the cause. It has also created an information pack which will soon be available on our web page.

The Researchers (TR) organization perspective on current status of Local Government Joint Statement by CSO on 22 Oct 2009



Executive Summary of Social Audit 2004-2005 By Devolution Trust for Community Empowerment (DTCE)
Reform But No. Roll Back (Local Government System a view from the Districts) By Free and Fair Elections Network (FAFEN)
Comparatives Study of amendments made in June 2005 in the Punjab Local Government Ordinance, 2001 By Aurat Foundation (AF)


Nazims, Councillors Plan Rallies at Tehsil Level By Our Staff Reporter 
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