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Through different facets of our organizational work we promote research & development nexus to bridge the gap between academicians and practitioners to make both the ends of spectrum understand each other better for the ultimate benefit of the communities and stakeholders. 

usaidUSAID Project (2004-2005)“Strengthening National & Provincial Legislative Governance”: Baseline, Capacity Building & Networking. TR was the lead for the  implementation of Civic Action Group and developed a program for mapping of stakeholders (CSOs) with a secondary database of 1000 organizations and primary data base of approximately 500 organizations.
unescoUNESCO Research (2005)“Discrimination Related to Cast, Class (Social & Economic), Gender, Religion & Ethnicity”:  TR carried out a survey to collect the primary data in 12 districts of Pakistan with the sample size of 600 for the study.
AusaidAusAID Project (2005)“Strengthening of Civil Society Organizations on Issues of  Violence Against Women”: Profiling, advocacy & Capacity building of CSOs in Sindh. TR conducted Mapping of almost 200 NGOs, CBOs working on the issues of Violence against women in three districts- Sukkur, Jacobabad and Ghotki of Sindh province.
gtzGTZ-MOWD-COMO Project (2005)“Affected Women in Earthquake Areas-A Research Assessment with Socio-Cultural Perspective”:Baseline, Analysis & Capacity Building. TR conducted this research study right after the 2005 earthquake and collected primary data by extensive visits to both the affected areas through 57 semi-structured FGDs with 830 participants (470 females & 360 males);   83 unstructured individual interviews of unmarried women and hospitalized women. Moreover, 20 organizations 12 international and 8 local working were also interviewed.
wpaf3rd International Conference on Women & Politics in Asia-Islamabad-2005: Research & Best Practices. TR with the support of all major donors (UNDP-GSP, Norwegian Embassy, CIDA, SDC, HBF and GEP), hosted the international conference. The conferences was attended by almost 400 participants during two days of its proceedings in which 40 papers were presented by presenters from 16 countries in six parallel sessions beside 2 plenary. 
norwayNorwegian Embassy (2004, 2005, 2006 &2007)“Partners in Development Meetings”: Facilitation & Reporting. TR since 2004 has been arranging the annual Partners meeting for the Norwegian Embassy which includes event management, background paper and agenda preparation, production and dissemination of report.
undpUNDP- Poverty & Gender Unit & Ministry of Finance (2006, 2007)“Consultations on PRSP-II & National Consultation on MDG Costing”:Facilitation & Reporting. TR conducted series of 8consultation workshops (4 in Islamabad & one each in all 4 Provincial capitals) on PRSP-II, one consultation on Draft Summary of PRSP-II and National Consultation  on MDG Costing at Islamabad during 2006 and 2007. TR managed and coordinated the whole process from invitations, facilitation and prepared reports of the consultations for both UNDP and Ministry of Finance.
undpUNDP- Poverty & Gender Unit & Planning & Development Division (2007)“International Conference on Gender Mainstreaming in Planning & Development”: Facilitation & Reporting.TR arranged the international conference on behalf of UNDP and P&D Division and was responsible for all arrangements including the conference report.
norwayNorwegian Embassy (2007)Mapping Of Women’s Economic Empowerment Initiatives In Pakistan”:  Profiling & analysis of the gaps and opportunities for women’s economic empowerment. Baseline & Analysis. TR implemented the project by collecting primary data through semi structured interviews with the Government and Semi Government Divisions/Departments/ Institutions both at Federal and Provincial Levels, Donors (Multilateral & Bilateral), selected civil society organizations implementing economic Empowerment projects both at national and provincial level. Banking sector, academicians/scholars/practitioners and selected parliamentarians.
aisa The Asia Foundation (2007)Pre Election Attitude and Perception Survey of Eligible Voters in Pakistan: TR conducted the survey at 231 locations (urban & rural) in all four provinces and FATA with 2748 respondents, the questionnaire used had 54 questions and approximately 170 fields, the data was processed on double entry system and analyzed on SPSS for which specific program was designed by TR. 
aisaThe Asia Foundation (2007-8)“Election Observation of 65 National & Provincial Women Contested Constituencies”: Baseline, Analysis, Capacity Building & Election Observation focusing women. Baseline, Analysis & Capacity Building.TR during the observation of 65 constituencies in Elections 2008 had collected and processed 7,941 questionnaires from the field through its trained team of 400 observers for observed constituent and constituency profile along with socio-political and religio-cultural trends towards politics and produced a research report on observation of women contested constituencies which is first of its type in the Asian Region.

wpafWPAF Election observation & Reports on similar analogy has been under taken under the Women in Politics in Asia Forum (WPAF) in Nepal, Bangladesh & Pakistan in April 2008. The research report is at and

norwayNorwegian Embassy(2008)Formative Research (FR) of Women Economic Empowerment Portfolio (6 projects): TR is the lead organization of consortium with Pakistan Center for Philanthropy (PCP) and Social Policy & Development Center (SPDC). Each consortium organization has 2 projects and TR coordinated policy analysis and consolidated reporting besides conducting FR for its own project. AKCSP and AKF projects were with TR. For AKCSP support was in shape of baseline survey, SWOT, LFM development to a group of 60  girls technically working for rehabilitation and restoration of heritage sites in Northern Areas to be institutionalized as Women Social Enterprise.
norwayNorwegian Embassy (2008) “Initiation Workshop of Formative Research on Women Economic Empowerment Projects under Gender Grant 2007”: TR being the lead of the consortium (TR, SPDC & PCP) conducted the initiation workshop with the teams of 6 implementing partners and formative research teams of the three consortium partners.
unicefUNICEF (2008-2009)Situation Analysis on State of Children in Conflict Areas of NWFP & FATA area. It involved baseline data collection in the identified area through trained teams, structured interview and socio-legal analysis of the legal and safety nets to recommend a way forward to the Government & Stakeholders
norwayNorwegian Embassy (2009-11) Formative Research (FR) of Women Social Enterprise by AKCSP: TR will be providing FR based input to AKCSP WSE project throughout its project cycle for Result Based Management and M&E .WSE comprises of 60 technically trained girls working for rehabilitation and restoration of heritage sites in Northern Areas.

Chitral Integrated Area Development Programme (2009-2014) supported by the Royal Norwegian & Netherlands Embassy. TR is a consortium partner of the Asset Management & implementation setup called THRIVE. The project has a spread of USD 10 m over 5 years


sfcgRole of Radio in conflict management and peace building (2010) supported by Search for Common Grounds (SFCG). Mapping of radio stations in Pakistan and in depth survey of 60% of the licensed radio stations across Pakistan with FGD and profiling of hosts, producers and channel owners



Dissemination of advocacy material for International Education Day for UNESCO


unwomenWomen Peace and Security – National Research & Policy Analysis in the context of UN SCR 1325 & 1820 (2010-2011) for UN Women.